Samuel Koovely



Office Y27/G25

Winterthurerstrasse 190, 8057 Zurich, Switzerland

I am a doctoral student in the group of Prof. Dr. Alexandre Bovet, at the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Machine Learning of the University of Zurich (see here). I work on various aspects of complex network theory. Currently, I am studying diffusion processes over graphs and using tools from information theory to understand the structural properties of complex networks. Moreover, I am interested in topics at the intersection of probability theory and statistics; in particular Markov processes, graphical models, machine learning, and causal inference.

Selected Literature

  1. A mathematical framework for COMIC-Tree: an undirected graphical model for T-cell receptors specificity
    Samuel Koovely
    Jul 2021
  2. Overview and empirical evaluation of some variations of the PC-algorithm
    Samuel Koovely
    Jul 2020